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Virgin Tightening, Restoration of Hymen is a simple procedure that repairs any tears in the hymen membrane. The treatment can take between 30 minutes and one hour to complete. Patients will be provided with local anaesthesia or be placed under sedation anaesthesia.

Virgin Tightening s generally performed as a day procedure.

The choice of Virgin Tightening procedure is decided by the surgeon based on the patient’s desired outcome. The common techniques include the flap, surgical adhesion, luminal reduction, and suture-only technique. The surgeon will discuss these in detail during your consultation.

Generally, all these Virgin Tightening techniques will make it possible for hymenoplasty to be a day procedure. It can be under local anaesthesia with sedation.

Virgin Tightening , hymen resroration takes around a day or two recovery time to get back to most work situations. The result of the Virgin Tightening treatment will affect activities such as sexual intercourse. During sex, bleeding may occur which is a result of the new hymen being torn or stretched.

With the utmost focus placed on patient comfort, the procedure will be completed in the most efficient time possible while ensuring no complications develop.

Virgin Tightening can be combined with labiaplasty for vulva shaping, and a vaginoplasty when there is vaginal laxity.
After the Virgin Tightening procedure, you will be monitored for 1-2 hours in a recovery room. The gynecologist will then review the post-operative care instructions with you.You may notice light reddish bleeding from the vagina for 1-2 weeks after Virgin Tightening.

There will be no signs visible after Virgin Tightening surgery. For the first few weeks after the Virgin Tightening procedure, the sutures would not have dissolved yet. But, once you have fully recovered, you will see an intact hymen without any visible sutures upon inspection. The area will look natural without any scar.

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Virgin Tightening surgery fees starts from  $ 1500 - $ 2000 and includes, All your surgical, private hospital, and anaesthesia fees

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