What is a Hymen Repair  ?

Hymen Repair  a surgery aiming at reconstructing the broken hymen. The hymen, usually broken after sexual intercourse, is reconstructed invisibly.

Hymen Repair  is often carried out for individual convenience or after sexual assault.


Hymen Repair Procedure ,What is involved in hymen repair? What is the follow-up?

The most common technique consists in stitching the hymen from the torn edges and closing it. The surgery in performed on 2 layers in order to reconstruct firmly and durably the hymen.

The stitches are done with very fine material and resorb by themselves in about 15 days.

We do SuperHymen Repair, the best and the new method

The stitches are dissolvable and the scar is almost invisible after 1 month

The hymen is natural, the scars nearly invisible and hidden in the folds of the hymen.

The Hymen Repair  operation usually lasts 20- 30 minutes.

The follow-up is light, pains are minor but are well balanced by the usual pain-killers such as paracetamol.

You will need to stop working during 24 hours.

Sports are advised against during 15 days


When is it possible to have sexual intercourse after a Hymen Repair  operation?

After 15 days minimum, the time for the tissues to start healing.


Will I bleed during a sexual intercourse after Superhymen repair?

After Superhymen repair, bleeding is present in the way it is with a natural hymen.


Are there any risks associated with the Superhymen repair surgery?

The operation carries no risks. However any operation carries a small risk of infection, disjunction, local sensivity troubles, usually temporary.


Before the Hymen repair procedure.

No aspirin medication or oral anticoagulants should be taken during the7 days preceding the operation to reduce the risk of bleeding.

Most of the time, the operation is performed under local or the best sedation anaesthesia.

Local anaesthesia with sedation can also be performed.


The hymen repair procedure

Hymen repair is a simple operation which involves excision of the torn edges before stitching them with fine dissolvable sutures

This hymen  surgery is not particularly invasive. The hymen actually has a secondary layer that will be sown up to cover the torn skin. As it grafts together once more, the hymen will appear intact. Or if for any reason this is not possible then a new hymen can be created from the lip of the vagina.We do SuperHymen Repair technique

The Superhymen repair operation lasts about  20- 30 minutes.





Hymen repair, Super Hymen repair  is done as an outpatient procedure with a light sedation, sometimes known as twilight sedation. The procedure usually takes less than 30 minutes  as Dr. Nevra finds the edges of the broken hymen and stitches it back together with dissolvable stitches so the hymen is again partially covering the vaginal opening. If there is not enough tissue to reconstruct the hymen, a new hymen can be created from the lining of the vagina, but this is a more complicated and expensive procedure. Dr. Nevra will assess the vagina and the hymen and make a decision based on her examination.


 Does Superhymen repair tighten the vagina?

Yes.  Superhymen repair  is hymenoplasty plus vaginal tichtening.


After the Hymenoplasty repair procedure

After the hymenorraphy procedure, the female is advised to keep her vaginal areas clean and apply the prescribed ointment regularly, as suggested by the gynecologist.

You should also avoid, wearing tight underwear heavy lifting and any strenuous activities as this may negatively affect your healing. The sutures will dissolve and come out on their own.

You should be able to resume a light exercise routine one week after surgery. Avoid heavy lifting or a strenuous exercise routine for 4 weeks.

The operation is carried out in an ambulatory facility.

You can return home a few hours after the hymen surgery.

Stitches are dissolvable and disappear in 15 to 25 days.

There is no dressing, only cleansing with tap water shower  and soap.

The scar is hidden in the hymen folds and is absolutely invisible.

The result is immediate, the hymen is closed.

Hymen repair is solid after 15 days to 1 month after the procedure


What is the success rate of hymen repair procedure?

Hymen repair is a totally successful procedure with a success rate as high as 99%. In some cases, if the female does not take the precautions or doctor’s advice or has other complications, the outcome of the surgery may not be a complete success. Follow the gynecologist’s advice to get the best results from the procedure.

After a successful hymen repair procedure and recovery period, the hymen will tear and bleed during a woman’s next vaginal penetration. The stitches will dissolve over time and the incision scar will not be visible.


How long does Hymen Repair last?

Hymen repair is permanent surgery. Hymen repair will last until your hymen is broken again, usualy naturally when you engage in intercourse for the first time after your procedure.

If you do not engage in intercourse folowing your procedure your hymen should remain intact until you do so, unless it breaks due to vigorous activities, early vaginal insertion, or other unforeseen reasons, allof which are typically rare in occurrence.


Can any family member be informed about the Hymen  surgery?

No. Nobody. Medical confidentiality is absolute. No one except you will be able to access your medical file abd hymen operation.

The surgeon is not allowed to give any information concerning your medical file to a third party, irrespective of the relationship.


Cost of Hymen Repair procedure, fees

At The Mitera ObGyn clinic we understand the sensitivity and discretion with which to treat hymen repair. For many women this surgery may be necessary for various personal or religious reasons, but it is not usually covered by provincial health care plans and may seem out of their price range.

Our priority is our patients’ well-being, and this includes relieving pre-surgery and financial stress.

This is why we have financing options available to reduce the anxiety associated with cost, and to make this surgery achievable and affordable.

A hymenoplasty costs between $2,000 - $2,500, which includes the surgery, anesthesia, facility fee, and all pre and post-operative appointments.  The procedure is usually not covered by insurance.

At our Hymen Repair Clinic you can relax; you’re in good hands.

To find out more about the cost of hymen repair procedure , please contact us by phone.

Why Choose Doctor Nevra?

Dr. Nevra has over 30 years worth of experience in the field of gynecology and hymen repair operations, vaginal reconstruction and has even pioneered several treatments that have become popular in the İstanbul area. Knowledgeable, kind, and well-educated, Dr. Nevra uses the latest and best technology to ensure his patients are happy with their results.


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