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What Is Hymen Reconstruction?
Hymenorraphy Procedure

There are two types of Hymen Reconstruction , simple Hymen Reconstruction ¸a repair of a torn hymen by sewing the remnants together, if the remnants are present. The other is a reconstruction of a new hymen from patient’s own tissues. ,
Reconstructions of the hymen using alloplants or biomaterials that can be torn through is no longer done. Hymen Reconstruction is the restoration of the hymen to its original virgin state. It is referred to as Hymen Reconstruction surgery, hymen restoration, hymen reconstruction or hymen tightening..

Hymen Reconstruction requires the use of adjacent tissue to be sewn into the very same spot where the original hymen was. Hymen Reconstruction is not necessary but usually requested either to fulfill ones wish to look like a virgin in a traditional wedding or on first encounters with a new mate. Hymen Reconstruction can be performed any time after the hymen has been ruptured.

A hymen can be torn during sexual intercourse, or as a result of horseback riding, tampon use, biking or other exercise or activities such as gymnastics.

Many women seek to undergo a Hymen Reconstruction for religious, ethnic or cultural reasons.
An intact hymen is a symbol of virginity and sexual purity and innocence and is required in some traditional weddings.
Hymen Reconstruction can be performed on an outpatient basis with the patient under sedation. The procedure lasts about 20 minutes.

Hymen Reconstruction heals well and one cannot tell that it is not the original hymen. The hymen heals without scars. Generally the patient can return to work the day after surgery and the hymen should be healed within six weeks.
Sexual activity if undertaken after six weeks from the procedure will simulate breaking a hymen of a virgin. The first time intercourse will result in bleeding and discomfort and pain as the new hymen is torn again.

Hymen Reconstruction should be done by an experienced surgeon whom you have researched as to his credentials.
Hymen Reconstruction is a delicate and very personal surgery and you and your surgeon should discuss it fully before undergoing the procedure. You should also feel comfortable with your surgeon and discuss your reasons, fears and hopes as related to hymen reconstruction.

Hymen Reconstruction Costs can range from a price as low as $2000 to as high as $2500. Some women combine Hymen Reconstruction surgery with other vaginal or labial surgery so that they can feel really good about themselves when they have recovered knowing that their sexuality has been determined by them.

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