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You may be considering an abortion because your pregnancy seems ill timed. You may be in the midst of studies or have recently taken on a new job, you may be having problems with your partner or you just think you are not ready to have this child.
Once you are more than 5 weeks but less than 12 weeks then the procedure for abortion is vacuum aspiration. Once the size of pregnancy is confirmed, you are required to sign a consent form.
You will need to be fasting for at least 5 hours prior to the procedure. Once under anesthesia (sedoanalgesia) and then aspiration is done to remove the products of conception. The procedure takes only few minutes. Once the uterus is empty and there is no bleeding the procedure is considered done.
You will be given a mild painkiller and some antibiotics in the theater to avoid post procedure pain and infection. You will need to rest in the clinic for a one hours and then once you have had something to eat and drink, passed urine and are comfortable you are allowed to go home. You can then continue all routine activities. After the procedure you may have mild bleeding for a few days and you will see the next period in about 4 weeks. This is also an appropriate time to discuss contraception. Please note that we do not do abortion pills , abortion pills are illegal in Turkey.

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