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To describe our surgical hymen repair technique and discuss the social impact of this issue.
Patients and Methods: Hymen repair was performed on 120 patients between the years of 2015 and 2016. The hymen walls were sutured in three layers including the vaginal mucosa, labial mucosa and the submucosal tissue. Two holes were created to allow drainage of menstrual fluid. A procedure of superhymenoplasty has been described in which superhymen is created
Results of SuperHymen Repair: No complications developed in the patients who had undergone hymen repair and all patients stated that the sexual intercourse they experienced was similar to the night of the initial experience.
Discussion of SuperHymen Repair Surgery: Despite ethical controversies over hymen repair, it may have a great social impact on the female’s lifeincluding even the preservation of life- particularly in conservative cultures. Therefore, surgeons should be aware that it is a part of healthcare system and so, hence should learn the procedure. In this study, the super hymen repair technique we used in all our patients and other hymenoplasty techniques which may be able to perform in these patients and social importance of this operation have been discussed.
Keywords: Hymenoplasty, hymenorrhaphy, virginity, hymen repair, revirginitation


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