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SuperHymen Repair Technique
We do Super Hymen Repair, superhymenoplasty method the best, the new aand quaranty bleeding method. Totally painless under sedation anesthesia.
SuperHymen Repair: Hymenoplasty + Vaginal Tichtening both

Hymen Repair is the procedure to restore the torn hymen intactness of which is presumed to be sign of virginity. Usual patient is an unmarried girl who had indulged in premarital sex and is going to be married. For such patients we developed the technique of creating super hymen repair in which more bleeding is destined to occur on the eve of first sexual intercourse.

İn superhymen repair technique more bleeding is destined. Torn pieces of hymen were incised and incision was continued in remnants up to just below the urethral orifice creating two layers –outer and inner. Inner layer was stitched and outer layer was also stitched using same material. When done finally, only small hole was left in hymen just below urethral orifice for menstrual blood and other vaginal secretions to come out.


Post operatively patients were advised to clean the area with warm water and apply the ointment. No dressing was required. For pain, analgesic tablets were enough as there was not much pain. For five days combination of antibiotics was given.

The hymen repair operation in no way cause female genital mutilation because only torn pieces of hymen are united after freshening the edges and superhymenoplasty did not cause long term complication.

SuperhymenRepair is name given for the first time by us which simply means creating a hymen in a way that very small hole is left for menstrual blood to come out. When insertion of penis takes place hymen istotear and bleeding is destined to occur.

The procedure is safe and without any associated complications gives extra satisfaction.

A procedure of superhymenoplasty , superhymen repair method has been described in which superhymen is created which results more bleeding on the eve of first sexual act. It give more satisfaction to the couple. The procedure causes no complications as only torn pieces are used to create the superhymen.

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