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Dr. Nevra is a board certified gynecologist with decades of experience performing intricate vaginal and hymen surgeries. As a hymenoplasty specialist, she can discreetly and confidentially perform hymen repair surgery.
Dr. Nevra can either repair a recently torn hymen, stitching the pieces together to allow it to reform and heal, or create a new hymen from a piece of vaginal tissue.
Both types of hymen reconstructions will completely heal in about six weeks, so it is important to allow enough time between the procedure and the wedding or matrimony ceremony for recovery.
A hymen repir surgery can restore a broken hymen that feels and reacts the same as the original hymen. If you need hymen repair surgery, Dr. Nevra at İstanbul Mitera Clinic is your source.
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Hymen Repair is the reconstruction of the broken hymen. The operation aims at reconstructing it without visible scars.Hymen is usually broken after sexual intercourse.

Doctor Nevra, Obgyn surgeon in İstanbul , is one of the rare women who perform hymen repair or hymen reconstruction or hymenoplasty surgery in Turkey İstanbul.

Her team is exclusively feminine , surgery assistants, secretary.

She will inform you about the surgery in the privacy of her surgery inİstanbul.

Every information revealed during this consultation will remain confidential and will come under the rule of medical confidentiality, which is absolute in Turkey. No one except you will be able to access your medical file.


Be Careful! No name doctors and fake clinics that you might stumble upon on the internet could be a serious risk to your health.

To contact  Op.DrNevra  and talk to her personally to get information on all examinations and procedures message on call ( +90 532 3540553 )  on Whatsapp.

Always make contact with your doctor, no matter the speciality, before travelling in for examination and  procedures.

We are legal and safe clinic in İstanbul for foreigners and  licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Nevra and Mitera Clinic for Hymen Repair Surgery / Hymenoplasty?
General surgeons are not trained in vaginal surgery with as deep of an understanding of the female anatomy as OB-GYNs. Dr. Nevra is an experienced OB-GYN that specializes in the female anatomy. She focuses on healing, functionality, and ensuring each patient's confidence is restored when it comes to her body.
What Are the Benefits of Hymenoplasty at İstanbul Mitera Clinic?
Hymen Repair is a surgical procedure that many women choose for very private and personal reasons. We understand how difficult and embarrassing it may be for you to discuss your reasoning behind your hymenoplasty.
Dr. Nevra provides you with a safe and comfortable setting to talk about your desires, as well as for your procedure.
Contact our office to schedule a confidential and private consultation with Dr. Nevra to discuss the possibility of hymen repair.


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