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What is Revirgination?

Hymenoplasty or Hymen Repair oparation  is to create the hymen which is torn during first sex but cannot regain lost virginity. But revirgination procedore is  to restore all changes in the genitalia which happens following the recurrent intercourse.

Female virginity is a religious issue in most cases and reconstruction is done to create a mimic of the hymenal ring which normally breaks during the sexual intercourse. Hymen may also break during exercise or physical sports.

 Revirgination oparation  includes hymen restoration through hymenoplasty or hymenrapair, tightening of the vaginal vault through vaginoplastyRevirgination is the surgical reconstruction of the Hymen, in order to restore the vagina to the older, virginal state.

Revirgination is an elective surgery, often opted for by young women


Advantages of Revirgination

The Hymen is restored to its original state  unbroken, which gives the appearance of virginity Since virginity is a delicate issue in most religious cases, this helps moral.


Revirgination Procedure

Revirgination surgery can even make you feel like a virgin again. Revirgination is the surgical reconstruction of the hymen. The treatment is pain-free. We use sedation  anesthesia before the surgery. It takes around 30  minutes for the treatment. We use micro instruments, microsurgery  to reconstruct the hymen inside the vaginal walls

The gynecologist stitches intact the remaining parts of the hymen and vagina. The stitches are dissolvable. The hymen is reconstructed using either synthetic and body friendly materials, or natural tissue implants, or a combination of both

The patient is not required to follow up with the doctor as the stitches will dissolve on their own.

The patient can go back home after Revirgination  and continue her normal schedule right after the treatment.



Revirginitation Follow up

The patient can go back home after Revirgination  and continue her normal schedule right after the treatment. The patient is advised to avoid active physical sports for at least three to four weeks after the surgical procedure


Revirgination Recovery

Revirgination  recovery is typically quick and easy. You will be able to return home the same day as the Revirgination surgery, and can expect to be fully recovered within two weeks.


Cost Of Revirgination, Fees

The cost of Revirgination varies but typically ranges from $2000 to $2500.


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