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Cost of hymen repair

Because hymen repair is  an elective surgery, is not covered by insurance. However, Mitera Hymen Repair Clinic İstanbul  has affiliations to financial institutions that arrange financing with low monthly payments for women who require it.

Dr. Nevra is highly trained hymenoplasty specialist, and will preform your procedure with optimum intimacy and privacy to provide a comfortable environment for you

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Hymen repair surgery is a very personal thing. In most of the cases the girls would come with their boyfriend to get this surgery done but in some cases the girl comes alone. We make sure that your privacy is strictly maintained and even the staff in the hospital does not know the name of the surgery for which you are admitted. It is strictly confidential between you and your doctor. Most girls feel comfortable with a female surgeon in such cases and we provide you with the same. Two of our best female surgeons for doing a hymen repair surgery are ready to give you the desired treatment in a very confidential manner.Dr.Nevra is  very experienced doctors and have precision in performing the surgery.



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